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Shall vs. will–which is best?

“When should I use ‘shall’ instead of ‘will’? ” I confess that this reader question stumped me. I can’t remember ever using the word “shall.” The question spurred me to do some research on the topic of shall vs. will. First person vs. second or third person A Grammar Girl post on “‘Shall’ Versus ‘Will‘” […]

Communicate with your clients about their legacy

When you’re a financial advisor, you can deepen your relationship with clients when you learn more about their values and the legacy they’d like to leave. That’s one of the reasons Kathleen Burns Kingsbury encourages you to conduct legacy conversations with your clients. She suggests a list of questions in her book, Breaking Money Silence: How […]

Red tulip writing exercise

Want to think creatively about your next article or blog post? Try the red tulip exercise that I discovered in Helen Sword’s Stylish Academic Writing. Here’s an exercise that Sword suggests for “generating new ideas and perspectives” for academic writing, but you can apply it to other types of writing: Ask a friend, relative, or […]

Art and mindfulness and blogging

“I love your drawing. And I liked the one you did last time, too.” This statement by a fellow student in an “Art and Mindfulness” class stunned me. It also reminded me of what I believe about blog posts that reflect the real you. Mindfulness and financial blogging can work together. 1. There are many […]

What would happen if I stop writing?

Many of you struggle to write as much as you’d like. The large number of inactive financial blogs speaks to the difficulty of writing and posting weekly (or at any frequency). That’s especially true when you face demanding responsibilities as an investment, wealth management, or financial planning professional. This struggle is why I suggest that […]

Blog your passions or your audience’s interests?

“How do I balance my passions vs. the interests of my target audience when I write for my blog?” This was a question from one of my readers. Passion vs. audience: an easy answer The easy answer? Blog at the intersection of your passions and the interests of your target audience. You’ll find it easiest […]

Powerful financial article abstracts

How do you get the most out of your financial article abstracts? I’m not talking about executive summaries for white papers. I mean formal abstracts that appear at the start of journal articles. To supercharge your financial article abstracts, you need to know your goal. In Stylish Academic Writing, Helen Sword got me thinking about […]

Have you ever…?

Have you ever struggled to interest a prospective client in your investment, wealth management, or financial planning services? It’s not easy. When speaking with prospects, a good “have you ever” question can help you to engage them in a two-way conversation. If you touch on a topic that means something to them, you’ll learn information […]

Don’t give up on being different

Do you worry that nothing can make your writing stand out from the rest of the pack? Here’s some inspiration for you from Roger Rosenblatt’s Unless It Moves the Human Heart: The Craft and Art of Writing: Eventually, we all tell the same stories, yet none of our stories sound like anyone else’s. Think of your […]