How to Write Blog Posts People Will Read: A 5-Week Writing Class for Financial Advisors

In “How to Write Blog Posts People Will Read,” financial advisors will learn in five lessons how to

  • Generate and refine ideas for blog posts that will engage your readers
  • Organize your thoughts before you write, so you can write more quickly and effectively
  • Edit your writing, so it’s reader-friendly and appealing

By participating in this class, you’ll end up with one polished blog post—and a process you can follow to generate many more. Use the optional prompts and you’ll complete even more posts.

writing on a laptop computer

Why this class

How you’ll get there

  • I’ll show you how to
    • Generate blog post topics
    • Organize your thoughts before you write
    • Position your blog post to appeal to readers
    • Edit your posts to boost their reader-friendliness
  • Weekly lessons—you’ll learn through a combination of
    • Pre-recorded webinars that cover the week’s core information—these are helpful for people who benefit from listening, as well as reading material. If you prefer learning from the written word, the relevant chapter from Financial Blogging will be available.
    • Homework assignments—many people feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of possible next steps in learning to blog. This class focuses on small, manageable steps. When you follow them, you’ll learn a process you can apply to brainstorming, writing, and editing blog posts.
    • Optional supplemental materials, including pre-recorded webinars, worksheets, relevant excerpts from Financial Blogging: How to Write Powerful Posts That Attract Clients, and more
    • Contact me to ask if the Premium or Executive versions of the class are currently available. See description below about “Interaction with Instructor.”

Interaction with instructor

For personalized feedback on your homework, upgrade from the Core class to the Premium (includes emailed feedback on your homework, in addition to all materials) or Executive (includes a weekly coaching call in addition to emailed feedback on your homework and all materials) levels. Contact me to ask if this is available when you’d like to start your class (availability is limited).