I help financial professionals like you increase the impact of your writing on clients and prospects. I write and edit white papers, articles, and investment commentary for leading investment and wealth management firms. My Investment Writing blog is popular with advisors who care about writing that deepens their connections with clients and prospects.

I have spoken on “How to Write Investment Commentary that People Will Read” across the U.S. and Canada for the CFA Institute because I enjoy training financial professionals to write better. Earlier, I was director of investment communications at Columbia Management Group, a trustee at Batterymarch Financial Management, and a staff reporter for a weekly mutual fund publication. I know how to use language as a financial professional and a journalist.

Articles that I have written, edited or ghostwritten have appeared in Advisor Perspectives, Boston Globe, Bottom Line/Personal, CFA Magazine, Financial Planning, Louis Rukeyser’s Mutual Funds, Wealth Manager, and other national publications.

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Susan has an exceptional ability to tailor investment communications to the sophistication level of any audience. She has an uncanny ability to make very complex investment and/or economic topics accessible and understandable to anyone.

I’ve been bumping into your stuff all over the web and have enjoyed it. You do an excellent job of making the difficult understandable…. I’ll keep my eyes open for more of your work.

What impressed me about Susan? I gave her an assignment. She did it well and she did it on time. It was very clean copy.

Susan’s very professional, very intelligent, very deadline-oriented, and those are all qualities we need.

I like working with Susan. She’s smart, she’s sharp, she knows our industry very well and she writes very well. I feel I’m not very strong at writing, so it was a good combination to work with her.

Someone like Susan can write about anything — investments, squirrels or design — and make it interesting.

Using Susan as we have for white papers and articles has created a great deal of efficiency for us. If we were to take time away from our day to write them ourselves, it would be a real loser for us. The investment of time for us, because of her preparation work, is minimal.

Susan’s work is first rate. I can think of no better resource for superior quality financial writing.

Susan’s particularly good at working through highly technical material very quickly. That’s very important in this business. A lot of people are good writers, but they have an extensive learning curve for something they’re unfamiliar with. Susan was able to jump very quickly into technical material.

I enjoyed working with Susan while I was director of research at Fleet Investment Advisors. Investment professionals will find that she quickly and effectively captures their insights in articles, thanks to her investment knowledge and writing skill.

Given her knowledge of economics and investments, Susan was extremely effective in taking my comments and formulating a well constructed report.

Susan provided ideas of how to position our firm, who to talk to, how to send the message, and how to tell the message. It was quite useful not only in terms of helping us spread the message of our firm, but the message of our clients as well.

There are many good writers in the world, but Susan Weiner is a great one. She knows how to tailor her writing to achieve her clients’ goals-be it to inform, persuade, sell, or charm.

Her responsiveness is what makes Susan different. When she is working on a project for you, you feel very much like you’re her only client. Her ability to take a subject matter, to really interview people, and then put together valuable content that then we can share with the advisor community, has been terrific. We can then repackage and utilize her text on our Web site, as well as other communication pieces to the advisor community.

I knew I wanted to write an article, but I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start. Susan made everything easy for me. She asked me some simple questions. Then a day later I was reviewing an article with my name on it. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Susan makes my job easy. She is reliable and fast. She is an incredibly creative and valuable resource.

Our Private Wealth Management Committee, which organizes educational programs such as ‘Client Communications for Wealth Managers,’ has benefited from Susan’s marketing flair and organizational skills as well as her upbeat attitude that energizes our group work.

I know Susan’s going to capture exactly what my members need. There’s no need for oversight, which is great.

Susan knows how to take direction, but she can also run with an idea and create something that makes me go, “I wish I had thought of that.”

Fast, effective, insightful. I can think of no better resource for superior financial writing.

Accuracy is essential in financial writing. Susan Weiner always gets the story straight. She has interviewed my clients as a free lancer producing excellent stories for the financial advisory trades that have been absolutely on target.

We were two guys starting a company and we didn’t know what to tell people. She did a great job of taking all the information and all the parts of the puzzle, helping us to sort it out and come out with a thoughtful presentation.

Susan’s high-level communication marketing skills and strategy are very evident by her must read e-mail overviews of important topics for our industry that come to my desk every month and are printed out for digestion.

I always read Susan’s Investment Writing Update newsletter when it comes in. Susan collects useful ideas from a broad range of sources, and she includes links that make it easy to find more on each topic.

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