how spell OK, not okay

OK, not okay

Did you know that “OK,” not “okay” is the correct spelling of that familiar expression? If you didn’t know how to spell OK, you have plenty of company, as I discovered when I ran a LinkedIn poll.   Origins of OK The term OK is an initialism. It comes from the misspelling “oll korrect” for […]

Mistake Monday

MISTAKE MONDAY for July 25: Can YOU spot what’s wrong?

Can you spot what’s wrong in the image below? Please post your answer as a comment. Ugh, this one makes the sender look uneducated, but it’s probably the result of typing too rapidly and not proofreading. I post these challenges to raise awareness of the importance of proofreading.

Use a comma between consecutive adjectives?

Use a comma between consecutive adjectives?

When two consecutive adjectives modify the same noun, you’re supposed to put a comma between them. I sometimes struggle to decide if that’s appropriate. After all, there are cases when the first adjective modifies the second, as in “pale blue paper.” So I was delighted to find this advice from Jan Venolia in Write Right!: […]

Top posts from 2022’s second quarter

Check out my top posts from the second quarter! They’re a mix of practical tips on grammar (#1 & #2), marketing (#3), investment commentary (#4), and blogging (#5). My posts that attracted the most views during 2022’s second quarter: My five favorite reference books for writers—These books would be great additions to your library. “In […]

When to capitalize prepositions in titles

When to capitalize prepositions in titles

When you’re writing a heading, headline, or title using title case, when do you use initial capitals for prepositions? Simple rule for when to capitalize prepositions Some sources simply lower-case any shorter preposition. I like the approach taken by Jan Venolia in Write Right! She says, “Capitalize prepositions if they consist of four or more […]