Discuss your mistakes like Warren Buffett

Discuss your mistakes like Warren Buffett

It’s not a sign of weakness to discuss your mistakes. At least, it’s not if you discuss your mistakes like Warren Buffett. Benefit of discussing your mistakes “Berkshire investors gain confidence because Buffett doesn’t gloss over his mistakes,” writes L.J. Rittenhouse, in Buffett’s Bites: The Essential Investor’s Guide to Warren Buffett’s Shareholder Letters. She shares […]

top posts

Top posts from 2020’s fourth quarter

Check out my top posts from the fourth quarter! They’re a mix of practical tips on writing (#1, #2, #5), reading suggestions (#3), and spelling (#4). My posts that attracted the most views during 2020’s fourth quarter: 8 ways to cut word count and boost your impact!—These practical tips will make your writing more effective. […]

Mistake Monday

MISTAKE MONDAY for December 28: Can YOU spot what’s wrong?

Can you spot what’s wrong in the image below? Please post your answer as a comment.     I post these challenges to raise awareness of the importance of proofreading. Need a hint to help you find the mistake? Read Do you use “pride capitals”?  

Clarity over cleverness in writing

Clarity over cleverness in writing

It’s better to be clear than clever when you write. Even Dan Jones, editor of The New York Times’ “Modern Love” column agrees.

don't finish sentences

Don’t finish sentences

Are you horrified that I’m suggesting that you shouldn’t finish sentences? Contrary to what you may think, I’m not suggesting that you use sentence fragments in your writing. Instead, I’m suggesting that you stop finishing other people’s sentences when you speak with them. You’ll learn a lot more. Trish Hall reminded me of this advice […]