Are YOU the one?

Ever wondered if you could improve your financial or investment blog posts?

You can benefit from a FREE critique by a professional financial writer whose clients include leading investment and wealth management firms. That’s me.

Some of your colleagues have bravely volunteered their blog posts for my review. I’ve written about the strengths–and opportunities for improvement–in Nathan Gehring’s “And About That Financial Plan” and Jonathan Smith’s “Opportunity Arriving Daily” in the Discussion section of my Facebook business page.

When you read my recommendations, you’ll get ideas about how to tweak your own posts.

To volunteer for a critique

If you’re a financial advisor who’d like to volunteer for a gentle critique of a blog post you’ve already published, please email me at with
* Your name
* Contact information
* Link to your published post

My gentle critique of a financial advisor’s already-published post is intended to be a monthly feature in the Discussion section of this Facebook page. That means there are only 12 openings each year.

Feeling shy?

It’s no problem if you feel too shy to learn in public. You can sign up for “How to Write Blog Posts People Will Read: A 5-Week Teleclass for Financial Advisors.” If you sign up by 12 midnight on AUGUST 31, you’ll pay the Early Bird rate.