Fidelity’s head of technical research addresses "Where will the stock market go from here?"

Will the bull market continue? 

Investment professionals are always curious. So naturally the question came up during a Q&A session with David Keller, who oversees technical analysis as a managing director of research for Fidelity Investments. The question followed Keller’s March 23 presentation to the Boston Security Analysts Society on “Applying Technical Analysis to a Fundamental Investment Strategy.”

The bottom line: It appears that the market is in an uptrend and the offensive sectors will outperform their defensive peers. 

However, Keller framed his comments cautiously, saying that there is little evidence that the stock market is not in a sustained uptrend. Nor does he see evidence that the market is overbought.

“I can’t say,” replied Keller, when asked to identify his favorite sector. He’s looking at groups that are traditionally considering offensive. “But it’s not as clear cut as in the past,” he said.

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