Financial bloggers, your writing skill isn’t everything

Financial professionals who blog often wish they were better writers. Writing skill helps. But it’s not enough to make you stand out among the many financial planners and investment and wealth managers who blog. You also need to be distinctive.

In “Only One Person Could Write That,” novelist Jeff Lindsay reinforces this point. “Good writing…comes from saying what you mean in a way no one else can say it,” he says. It should express your personality.

In my opinion, a strong and distinctive personality is more of an asset than impeccable punctuation and grammar. It makes your writing come alive. It says, to quote Lindsay, “This is me and no one else.”

Readers will forgive some weaknesses in your writing if you provide value in a way that’s unique to you. Of course, if your writing makes it easy for your audience to grasp your message, that’s even better. If you’d like to boost your writing skill, consider taking my blogging class. It’s tailored to the needs of financial planners and investment and wealth managers.