finding your best clients

Finding your best clients

Learning what works for you in winning clients is a good way to make your marketing more efficient and effective. I’ve described my approach on this blog. But a recent webinar inspired me to revisit this topic.

Consultant Mary Cravets of Simply Get Clients suggested that participants identify how they gained their best clients. Then, focus more on those techniques. That’s a great refinement on my original idea of analyzing all of my new clients in a given year.

In my case, the mix of ways I gained my top five clients was similar to how I gained all of my new clients last year. However, that might not be true for you, especially if you’ve tried new marketing techniques over the last year.

Take a closer look at how you gained your top clients. Then, maybe you can cut back on some of your time-consuming marketing that doesn’t get results. Or, maybe you can spend less time on marketing, and more on what you enjoy.

Finding your best clients, rather than any new clients, can improve your business.


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