Financial Planning Association of Mass. annual conference in tweets and posts

Here’s some of what you missed at the annual conference of the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts (#FPAMA), as reflected in my tweets and blog posts. I grouped my tweets by speaker. My comments on the tweets are preceded by an arrow (<–).


Blog posts from #FPAMA

Bill Bachrach of Bachrach & Associates

  • Advisors, do you find your clients love being videotaped by you? Bill Bachrach says they do. #FPAMA <– Personally, this would make me feel self-conscious. However, I would like the idea that my advisor hangs on my every word.
  • “Financial planners’ income need not decline with the market or the economy.”  — Bill Bachrach #FPAMA
  • “People who are competent know the right questions and when to ask them.” — Bill Bachrach, #FPAMA
  • “You build trust by listening to their story, not telling yours.” — Bill Bachrach #FPAMA  <– This last point is one that more financial advisors should consider when writing their websites, newsletters, and other communications.

Bruce Brumberg of

The restricted stock session at #FPAMA was way more interesting than I expected. Things sure have changed since I listened to stock option talks as the employee of a wealth manager.

  • “Performance shares come in many flavors” — Bruce Brumberg #FPAMA
  • To identify prospects with stock compensation, see proxy statement, Form 10K, and Section 16 Forms. — Bruce Brumberg #FPAMA <– This might work well for advisors targeting public companies that are big in their local area.
  • “Rise of restricted stock, RSUs, SARs, & performance shares makes financial planning more complex.” — Bruce Brumberg, #FPAMA

Mark Tibergien of Pershing Advisor Solutions

  • “Advisors, do you feel your business has become more complex?” — Mark Tibergien at #FPAMA <–I felt the entire room nodding in agreement
  • “My job is to disturb you.” — Mark Tibergien at #FPAMA
  • Top performers spend more on client experience. Top 25% = $4,306/client, rest = $3,735. — Mark Tibergien at #FPAMA
  • “Advisors, what does ‘wealth manager’ mean and does it differentiate you?”  — Mark Tibergien at #FPAMA #in
  • “Bull markets camouflage a lot of sins.” — Mark Tibergien at #FPAMA
  • “Companies hire people, managers lose them.” — Mark Tibergien at #FPAMA

Craig Zablocki, speaker

  • “The ability to be silly is a blessing.” — Craig Zablocki at #FPAMA conference
  • “When we give more, we have more fun.” — Craig Zablocki at #FPAMA conference
  • “We have a tendency to argue for what we know.” — Craig Zablocki at #FPAMA conference
  • “Get used to ‘no.’ ‘No’ is just information. Yes lives inside ‘no.’” — Craig Zablocki at #FPAMA conference
  • “Fear limits us.” — Craig Zablocki at #FPAMA conference


Confession: I did not live-tweet

You may notice the conference took place way back in May.  I’m not much of a live-tweeter, unlike the folks who live-tweeted the Financial Planning Association of Northern California’s recent conference. Even though I tweet like crazy, I prefer to write at greater length about interesting presentations. Also, I feel I absorb information better when I focus on taking notes.