Some ammo for job-hunting — and client-seeking — CFA charterholders

Employers–and potential investment management clients–don’t understand why they should hire a CFA charterholder instead of a non-charterholder. That’s the lament of some job-hunting and client-seeking colleagues of mine in the Boston Security Analysts Society.

Fund managers with CFAs take fewer risks than those with MBAs, study says,” an article by Ian McGugan in Canada’s The National Post, provides one reason for choosing a CFA charterholder. Charterholders are going to take fewer risks in portfolios compared to MBAs.

“This result is surprising and may have something to do with the ethics instruction that is part of the CFA course but not most MBA programs,” writes McGugan.

This newspaper article is based on research by Oguzhan C. Dincer of Illinois State University, Russell B. Gregory of Allen Massey University – Department of Commerce, and Hany A. Shawky of SUNY at Albany – School of Business and Center for Institutional Investment Management.

You can download “Are You Smarter than a CFA’er?”  from the SSRN website, where registration may be required. 

Thank you, Matthew Andrade, member of the Calgary CFA Society, for bringing the National Post article to my attention!
Susan B. Weiner, CFA
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