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Your webinar-day checklist

If you’ve ever delivered a webinar, you know that things can go wrong—especially at the last minute. I created a webinar checklist when I delivered an investment commentary webinar via Zoom to a CFA Society last year. My goal was to minimize opportunities for problems to disrupt me. Unfortunately, I‘ve learned from experience about some of the things that can go wrong during a webinar.

I’m sharing a generic version of my webinar-day checklist in case you’ll benefit from adapting it for your needs.

Check today’s newspapers for news relevant to my topic.

Reboot PC and close down as many programs as possible to minimize the load on my PC. Kill anything that might put pop-ups—like Microsoft Outlook task reminders—on my screen.

Have a travel clock handy—and a list of my target time to start each of five sections—to help me keep track of time.

Wear non-distracting clothes—for example, no tiny prints that’ll shimmer or wildly swinging earrings.

Make tea with honey and do my vocal warm-up exercises to make my voice more resonant.

Put phones on “Do not disturb.”

Adjust the lighting to optimize it for the webinar (I discovered that opening my blinds for sunlight made me too washed out).

Remind introducer or facilitator of things I’d like them to do during the program and make sure they have my bio (have it ready to email if necessary).

Remind myself to look at the webcam, not my keyboard or my screen.

Have fun!


I hope you find this checklist helpful. A webinar can be a great way to connect with people. It works even better when you’re not rattled during your webinar by problems that a webinar-day checklist could have prevented.