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Well-exercised writers are better writers

Having a hard time focusing on work? There’s so much to think about with Covid-19 and the market decline. When I feel like this, exercise sometimes helps me to focus more. I used to run out to my gym for exercise. That’s not an option now. To help me exercise, I’ve compiled a list of online exercise videos that are free—or temporarily free as their providers’ response to the coronavirus crisis. Some of the free classes offer paid versions.

I am grateful to my writer friends who suggested these resources to me.

Exercise in general


  • Barre3—I really liked the first of this YouTube series, but the second video had lots of ads, which I found disruptive.


Do any of you know of good free Iyengar yoga classes? I really miss the Iyengar classes that I took at my gym that went out of business a couple years ago.

Workouts for older adults

  • Go4Life—These exercises come from the National Institute on Aging at NIH.
  • My elderly mother-in-law enjoys the “exercise for seniors” videos from HASfit on YouTube. Here’s a link to one of them.
  • The YMCA site listed above also has exercises aimed at older adults.

Workouts for kids

If you’re working at home, your work may benefit from keeping your kids well-exercised. Writer Cheryl Alkon told me about the BOKS Facebook page:

There is a program called BOKS that does exercise classes at school before school starts. I believe they are doing daily workouts on their Facebook page at noon. My nine-year-old daughter and I did one last week and it was effective—lots of squats and push-ups and running in place. We enjoyed it.

Paid programs with temporary free offerings

These free offerings mostly run for one month or until April.

Additional resources

Well-exercised writers of the world, unite!

Please join me in striving to be a well-exercised writer!


Note: I may update this list from time to time, as I learn of more resources.


The image in the upper left is by Pexels from Pixabay.