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When your blog demands a photo of a public figure

Use photos carefully in your blog posts. You must respect the photographer’s copyright. You can’t simply grab and post any photo you find on the Internet. This is particularly challenging for bloggers who refer to celebrities or other public figures. It’s not as if you can run out to snap your own photo of such a person.

Respect copyright law

I’ve been surprised to find financial advisors who have copy-pasted photographs from newspapers or magazines into their blogs. This is not legal, not even if you credit the source. For a quick overview of the issues, read the Lifehacker post on “The Best Ways to Be Sure You’re Using Online Photos Legally.”

Wikimedia Commons: A helpful resource

Wikimedia Commons is a free source of photos and other images, which can be used as specified by the photographer . I’ve found it particularly useful when I needed a photo of a national figure, such as Warren Buffett or Woody Allen.

Here’s how Wikimedia Commons describes itself: “Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone, in their own language.”

To find the image you seek, simply input the name into the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the Wikimedia Commons site. For example, here is part of the image you’ll see if you input “Warren Buffett.”

Each image has terms specified for its reuse. Be sure to read Wikimedia’s explanation of the terms for reuse.

Q&A: How to look trustworthy in your professional photo

Convincing clients and prospects to trust you is essential to building relationships with them. A great photo alone

Lori Johnson

won’t win them over, but a bad photo can undermine how they see you. This is why I conducted an email interview with Lori Johnson of Your Best Image. By the way, Lori specializes in photographic image and she did the makeup for my head shot photo.

Q. What about a photo makes you appear less trustworthy?

A. Dark shadows in the face or background.  Anything that hides the face i.e. sunglasses, hat, facial hair, hairstyle that covers the face, etc.  Poor quality photos.  Inappropriate wardrobe, makeup, hairstyle.  Too much photo shop alteration of the photo so you do not look like you do in real life.

Q. What conveys “trustworthy” in a photo?

A. A sincere smile and sparkle in the eye. Clothing appropriate for the industry and your personal style.  Colors that flatter your skin tone, hair color, and eye color.  Use an open stance; no tightly crossed arms or hands in front of your body, open and relax shoulders, and stand or sit tall.

Q. I’ve heard that blue is the color of trust. Do you agree?

A. Yes. Darker, deeper blues such as deep navy blue are serious and powerful. Deep blue sends a message of authority and credibility, which is why it’s commonly used in formal business attire and as a uniform color. In fact, navy blue gets its name because it’s been the color (along with bright white) of the British Royal Navy’s uniforms since 1748.

Q. Do casual photos make a financial advisor seem more approachable?

A. A few casual photos can help tell your story and make you appear more “real,” open, and friendly. Use these photos to help personalize your print, web, social media, or other marketing materials. They should not be the main images in your materials.

Be careful about the quality and quantity of your casual and personal photos. Poor quality photos may make you appear less professional. That’s why I recommend you rely on a professional.

Q. Can you recommend how to prepare for a professional photo shoot?

A. You’ll find detailed recommendations in my article, “Pre-shoot Suggestions.”