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More substitutions for economical writers

You seemed to like the word substitutions I suggested in “Word and phrase substitutions for economical writers.” This post suggests more changes to make your writing more economical and reader-friendly.

In most cases, making your writing more concise makes it easier for readers to absorb your message.


Existing research shows → Research shows
—After all, it should be clear from the context that you’re not discussing imaginary or future research.


In large part → Largely


Are disruptive to → Disrupt


Client types → Clients


Makes you distinct from → Distinguishes you from



Are presented with → Face


Are growing their use of → Increasingly use


Be reflective of → Reflect


Be responsive to → Respond to


Have a negative impact on → Hurt


Is in a position to → Is positioned to


Make a choice → Choose



There appear to be some signs → There are signs