It’s a virtue to be concise. However, first drafts—and drafts by people who don’t write for a living—may be bloated.

Below, you’ll find examples of word and phrase substitutions I’ve made to streamline drafts.

Streamline your prepositions and adverbs

As a result of → from

Due in large part to → due largely to

In advance of → before

In the event of → in

In which to → to

Trim your verbs

Being able to help solve → Helping to solve

Be rendered → become

Has been largely supportive of → has largely supported OR has supported

Isn’t to say → doesn’t mean

Located in → in

We expect there will be → we expect

Would need to be → must

For more examples…

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YOUR word or phrase substitutions?

Are there word or phrase substitutions that you often make? Please share.

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