Make your investment commentary more effective!

For insights into what makes commentary effective, read my articles, “Ideal quarterly investment letters: Meaningful, specific, and short” and “Quantitative easing for regular folks.”

I can write your commentary based on interviews with your investment professionals or based on attribution analysis and other materials provided by you. I also edit commentary you’ve written to make it more compelling and reader-friendly.

Examples of my investment commentary writing include the following:

Additional samples are available upon request.

For an assessment of your current commentary or newsletter, hire me to critique one example of your work.

Not sure what approach to outsourcing investment commentary will work for you? Read “Investment commentary—5 ways to outsource.”

Given her knowledge of economics and investments, Susan was extremely effective in taking my comments and formulating a well constructed report.

Susan has an exceptional ability to tailor investment communications to the sophistication level of any audience. She has an uncanny ability to make very complex investment and/or economic topics accessible and understandable to anyone.