Guest blogger guidelines

Guest bloggers have made some great contributions to my Investment Writing blog. Guest posts are welcome, but must meet the following requirements to be considered for publication.

1.  Relevance – Please propose a topic that shows you’re familiar with the Investment Writing blog and our readers. Don’t expect me to come up with a topic for you.

2.  Clear writing – Guest contributions must be reasonably well-written. They may be edited for clarity.

3.  Brevity – Ideal length is 250-600 words. Longer posts may be considered.

4.  Ease of posting – Once your topic is accepted for publication, please provide a version in Microsoft Word (no fancy formatting, please, because it won’t carry over) along with a head shot photo, so it can be easily posted in the desired format.

5.  Author’s credentials – Explain why you are qualified to write on this topic. Also, provide a two-sentence bio that will run with your guest post, if it is accepted. You may include a link to your website or blog in your bio.

After publication

After your post is published, I’d appreciate your spreading the word via social media. If you tweet it with a reference to @susanweiner or create a live link to my name in LinkedIn, I’ll be sure to see it.

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