Do NOT hire me to ghostwrite your blog posts

I’m a professional writer who spends much of her time ghostwriting for financial professionals.  But today I’m advising you against hiring me to ghostwrite your blog posts.

Top Blog Mistake #4 is “ghostwriting blog posts,” according to “GM Blog Manager Shares Top 10 Blog Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,” a MarketingSherpa interview with the manager of General Motors’ Fast Lane blog.

Using ghostwriters makes a blog “lose its transparency – one of those trust-building, relationship-building elements,” according to the interview with Christopher Barger, Director, Global Communications Technology, General Motors.

However, I’ll bet that GM’s communications team edits–and provides other guidance for–the blog posts written by GM execs.

The other top blog mistakes are:
Mistake #1. Treating the blog like a channel for corporate messaging
Mistake #2. Rushing to respond to negative feedback
Mistake #3. Fearing the critics
Mistake #5. Giving blog writers the impression that once a post is written, it’s done
Mistake #6. Relying on writers who are too corporate
Mistake #7. Not establishing blog rules
Mistake #8. Posting infrequently
Mistake #9. Going against your comment policy
Mistake #10. Editing, hiding, or taking a post down when you make a mistake 

Susan B. Weiner, CFA

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