Resources to help you cut through investment jargon

Jargon is a barrier to your effective communication with clients. But sometimes it’s hard for you to think of a replacement for a term like “secular” that’s convenient shorthand for communication among investment professionals.

Google definitions can help 
You can always do a Google search to define terms that may derail your client. For example, inputting “define: credit default swap” will yield some definitions that you can paraphrase for your client’s benefit.

But sometimes a Google search doesn’t cut the mustard. 

For example, investment strategists often talk about secular trends. But “define: secular trend” yielded no definitions when I tried it recently. And “define: secular” spoke about the term only as the opposite of “religious.”

Online investment glossaries fill the gap 
Sometimes an investment glossary comes to the rescue.

Here’s what Investopedia says when I input “secular.” 

Sometimes it pays to go to investment glossaries.

Here are some options:

Your recommendation? 
What investment glossaries do YOU recommend?