Estate planning for unmarried and same-sex couples

Estate planning for unmarried and same-sex couples is mighty complicated, as I explain in “Unwed and Planning,” in the October issue of Financial Planning magazine. 

Here’s a table that got squeezed out of the story due to lack of space.

This data is frequently updated on the Human Rights Campaign’s Relationship Recognition Map.

Some resources I consulted in researching my story 

Related story in The New York Times 
A same-sex couple may spend significantly more for the same services than an opposite-sex married couple. In fact, costs could run as much $467,562 over their lifetimes for a hypothetical couple analyzed by Tara Siegel Bernard and Ron Lieber in “The Costs of Being a Gay Couple Run Higher,” in The New York Times (Oct. 3). 

Bostonians can learn more on October 22
Estate Planning & Family Litigation Avoidance Strategies for Gay & Lesbian Individuals and Couples” is the topic of a breakfast meeting to be held by the Boston Estate Planning Council on October 22.