It’s not ONLY about your audience

Think more about your reader and less about yourself. That’s one of the main things I say in my writing workshops. But sometimes it makes sense to bring yourself into your communications.

Ask this question:

What aspects of myself and my life experience will help me connect with [my audience]?
–G. Richard Shell and Mario Moussa, “The Art of Woo,” Arrive (Nov./Dec. 2008)

Shell and Moussa give the example of singer-activist Bono using his knowledge of the Bible to connect with Jesse Helms, the conservative senator, on the topic of AIDS. Anchoring his pitch to their shared ideas helped Bono make his case to Helms.

You can apply these lessons to your clients, too. Use something you share with your clients to make yourself more persuasive. It doesn’t have to be religion. It could be a hobby, a dilemma, or something else.

Shell and Moussa are the authors of The Art of Woo: Using Strategic Persuasion to Sell Your Ideas.