Attract more clients with a blog!

Blogging has become a “must” for many independent and fee-only financial advisors. It’s a great way to build your business by connecting with current and potential clients as well as referral sources. Blogging attracts prospects to your website, media attention, and speaking engagements. It also cements your reputation as a leader in your field.

Savvy investment managers, wealth managers, and other financial professionals know blogs are an excellent way to communicate topical information before it gets stale. This deepens your relationships with current clients. But many advisors struggle to create a steady flow of compelling blog posts. This isn’t surprising. After all, your professional training focused on helping clients manage their investments or finances. You may have never taken a writing class or written for publication.

Financial Blogging is available as a PDF ($39) or a paperback ($49, affiliate link).

Don’t worry! Help has arrived. This book will help you conquer the challenge of producing high quality blog posts by following a step-by-step process, including how to:

  • Generate and refine ideas for blog posts that will engage your readers
  • Organize your thoughts before you write so you can write more quickly and effectively
  • Edit your writing so it’s reader-friendly and appealing
  • Spread the word about your blog and attract more visitors

Susan’s words have helped me hone my message and become clearer in my explanations. Through my dedication to blogging, my business has grown as a result. I owe much of my success in business to Susan’s teaching and guidance.

I wish I had read Susan’s Financial Blogging before I produced 300  weekly posts. There was a lot of practical advice in a slim 137 page  guide to producing effective blogs. The blog preparation work sheets  should be of particular value to an author who wishes to get smart  people to do smart things with their money. Compliance concerns become a hurdle, not a wall, between prospect and the provider of financial services. My posts will be better for having read the book.

The paperback is available via Amazon (affiliate link). You can read more of the book’s many reviews on Amazon.

About the author

I have taught a highly regarded blogging class tailored to the needs of financial planners, wealth managers, investment managers, and the marketing and communications staff that supports them. I have spoken about writing across North America for the CFA Institute. Author of the Investment Writing blog, I write articles, white papers, investment commentary, and other communications for leading investment and wealth management firms.

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“Susan Weiner’s teachings on how to effectively express your unique thought leadership insights and how to be relevant with your target markets through the written word are invaluable. This will be required reading for our clients!”

“Interested in starting a blog, but daunted by the work involved? Susan’s step-by-step guide makes the task manageable. Her chapters on financial industry regulation make this book particularly valuable for financial advisors and RIAs.”

“As a financial professional, you may not know where to start when writing for client communications or marketing. Susan Weiner’s book shows you where. She also leads you through the entire process of how to write effectively and naturally for your business. I highly recommend her book to anyone interested in using written communication in their business.”

“Financial professionals who read Susan’s book — and take her e-course — will reap many benefits. These include spending less time on their posts, communicating more clearly, and getting more responses from clients and potential clients. I can’t recommend Susan and her work highly enough.”

“I learned a tremendous amount from this great book about the writing process. Susan has inspired me to mind map a year’s worth of blog posts!”

“Writing blog posts is easier with the techniques in Financial Blogging: How to Write Powerful Posts That Attract Clients. The worksheets and resources in the back of the book as well as those woven throughout are invaluable.”

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