Virtual Book Tour for Financial Blogging

The virtual book tour for Financial Blogging: How to Write Powerful Posts That Attract Clients started on August 1, 2013. As my articles were posted around the blogosphere, I shared links here. Please visit! You’ll find links below.

August 1, 2013: Wired Advisor—Blogging about questions (no longer available online)

August 2: RegEd—Blogging about books and RegEd podcast (these are no longer available online)

August 3: FundFactor (now Sunstar Strategic)—Generating PR ideas

August 4: Amy Buttell—Making time for blogging

August 5: Rock the Boat Marketing—Helping PMs to blog

August 6: ByAllAccounts—Getting referrals from colleagues

August 7: FP Pad—Tech tips for writing

August 8: The Client Driven Practice—Requesting referrals

August 9: Blueleaf’s The Scalable Advisor—Editing your writing

August 10: DecisionMakers—Help for clients emailing advisors

August 12: AdvisorAssist—Copyright, Prosperous Advisor—Author Q&A

August 13: ClientWise—Is blogging right for you?

August 14: kbk wealth connection—Writing for women

August 15: The Finance Professionals’ Post—Popular writing tips

August 16: FPA Practice Management—Responding to negative comments on your blog

August 19: Zywave—Social media updates

August 20: Nerd’s Eye View—Your blog and a virtual assistantDick Purcell re NICSA expanded

August 21: NICSA—Writing about technical topics

August 22: Kurtosys—White papers

August 23: Advisor Websites—Capturing blog post ideas

August 24: Ann Logue—Communications mistakes

August 26: ClientsFirst—Advisor marketing

August 27: Trust Company of America—Learn from your experience winning clients

August 28: Echelon SEO Blog—Adapting your writing to your audience, Wealth Management Marketing—Finding guest bloggers (no longer available online)

August 29: The Financial Adviser Coach—Guest blogging (no longer available online)

You can also check out my “In the news” page, my blog, and Financial Blogging.

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