Quick Brainstorming Activities for Busy Managers

Miller’s Killer: Paper swap brainstorming blog and article ideas

How can you come up with fresh ideas for your blog, newsletter, or white papers?

I recently discovered a new technique, The Paper Swap in “Think Bank: Break out of brainstorming boredom with these thought-provoking topics” in Spirit Magazine (no link available).

Here is a description of this group brainstorming technique:

Participants write ideas on pieces of paper, then swap papers and continue to add input.

To enable participants to read one another’s ideas, you should ask them to print. Alternatively, a group with multiple tablet computers could  pass them around for inputting.

The Paper Swap technique makes it easier for shy people to participate. It may also inspire unexpected perspectives on topics.

For more ideas, you may wish to check out Miller’s book, Quick Brainstorming Ideas for Busy Managers: 50 Exercises to Spark Your Team’s Creativity and Get Results Fast.