Poll about overweight, but not the stuff of New Year’s resolutions

I grapple with “overweight” at the end of every year and every quarter. 

It’s the kind of overweight measured in percentage points, not pounds. That’s because I’m writing performance reports for institutional mutual funds that may overweight or underweight sectors relative to the funds’ benchmarks.

I haven’t found any guidelines about how to write about these statistics, so I’d like to find out which wording you prefer for talking about a fund that has above-benchmark holdings in a sector.

  1. Our overweight in
  2. Our overweight position in
  3. Our overweight to
  4. Our overweighting in
  5. Our overweighting to

Please answer the poll that will appear in the right-hand column of this blog until some time in February. I’ll report the results in my March newsletter.

If you can give a compelling reason why you favor specific wording, I’d also like to hear about that.