Snare more readers with this technique from Floyd Norris

Floyd Norris articleSurprise me. Please.

An introduction that puts an unexpected twist on a topic, like the one in Floyd Norris’ “Lessons from Europe on Averting Disaster,” can intrigue your reader into sticking with your article.

The intro that snared me

Here’s how Norris kicked off his article.

Will the United States follow the European path in 2013?

Let’s hope so.

Huh? Is Norris really talking about Europe, that continent with a weak economy and gazillion gloomy statistics?

Yes, he is. He identified one good thing that happened in Europe during the past year: Key players agreed on a goal and did what was needed. The rest of his article explains how this applies to the United States.

How have YOU surprised your readers?

If your introductions have confounded expectations to intrigue your readers, please share your example in the comments.

Floyd Norris, my role model

I am a Floyd Norris groupie. He has inspired more of my blog posts than any other individual. I count six of them, including “Plain English can bring your financial topic to life” and “Financial writers clinic: Lessons from Floyd Norris of The New York Times.” I think it’s because he writes clearly about economic and market topics in a style that’s suited to writers of blogs, articles, and white papers. Check out his “High and Low Finance” columns in The New York Times.