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Picture one person your work will help

Do you sometimes get stuck in the middle of writing something? Writer’s block and challenges with time When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing by Daniel Pinkmanagement are common problems. I found a tip that may help in When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing by Daniel Pink. The book discusses how to act at the right times, and how to overcome challenges at different points.

One person can help

One of Pink’s tips aims to help people who are stuck at a midpoint. “Picture one person who will benefit from your efforts. Dedicating your work to that person will deepen your dedication to your task,” he says.

I’ve met many advisors who struggle with completing blog posts, quarterly letters, or white papers. If you’re among them, would you feel more motivated to finish your blog post about 529 plans when you think about your meeting next week with the Millers, who want to help fund their grandchildren’s education? What if you think about a prospect with a highly concentrated stock portfolio, when you work on your white paper about diversification? Those thoughts would make a difference for me.

Added benefit for writers

Thinking of one person in your target audience is a doubly helpful tip for writers. Why? Because thinking about your reader will help you to write in a way that’s more reader-friendly than if your audience seems faceless to you. For example, you may remember that Jill Brown didn’t understand that technical term you used in explaining something to her.

More ways to overcome writer’s block

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Your ideas?

How do you keep yourself moving when you feel stuck in a project? I’m always interested in learning from you.


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Woody Allen’s wisdom for successful financial bloggers

You’ve probably seen financial blogs that start strong, then disappear. They fail to achieve the investment or wealth management professional’s goal of connecting with clients, prospects, and referral sources.

As Woody Allen is reported to have said, “80 percent of success is showing up.”

Blog regularly and you’re bound to see results over the long run. Be patient.

Having trouble sticking to a schedule? You’ll find helpful tips on this blog. Here are some to get you started:


Note: This blog post was edited on June 10, 2012, when I corrected a mistake in the Woody Allen quote and then again on October 22, 2012, when I learned that he may not have said this after all. Later, I edited this post to add more related posts.

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