Thank you, NAPFA MA Study Group, for your great response to my email/letter writing workshop

The NAPFA MA Study Group asked lots of great questions during my November presentation to them on  “How to write effective emails to your financial planning clients.” Thank you, NAPFA members and guests, for your energetic participation!

Here’s some of their feedback.

  •  “I found this presentation very helpful in the sense that it focused on key elements to being an influential but understandable advisor.” 
  •  “Susan’s presentation brought to life the benefits of better writing.”
  •  “Great tips for jump starting my client communications”
  • “Susan’s presentation made me want to go back to my office and juice up my emails and letters.”
  • “I learned how to make my emails and letters more reader-friendly, how to simplify technical information, and how to entice people to actually read the email.”
  • “I have been making presentations to Fortune 500 companies for 20 years. I wish I had taken Ms. Weiner’s course years ago!”
  • “It was a very good presentation. I found it very useful and helpful….I learned how to simplify sentences, how to emphasize client’s interests, and how to structure emails or newsletters.”
  • “I feel like I now have a variety of tools available to write better emails, letters, and all correspondence.”

Now I can’t wait for my next opportunity to present this workshop to financial advisors!