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The Copywriter’s #1 Secret…Revealed

The basic lessons of copywriting deserve repeating. Krista Magidson, whom I met through one of my favorite LinkedIn Groups, reminds us of the importance of plain English.


The Copywriter’s #1 Secret…Revealed

By Krista Magidson

You may be a financial planner extraordinaire or a wealth management wizard, but if you’re writing blog posts, emails, or internal newsletters then you are also a copywriter and probably a marketer too.

Copywriters spend most of their time either reading about writing copy or they’re writing copy.

In fact the really good ones are obsessed. But you don’t have to be obsessed with writing copy in order to impress your readers and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

The secret that I’m going to share with you will make your writing easier to read and make the process of writing easier for you…

…it’s called, “learning to write like you talk.”

It sounds crazy I know, and it will probably make your English teacher cringe a little. But writing like you talk will create the one thing that writing in a more formal tone doesn’t, and that’s establishing intimacy with your reader.

People want to work with professionals that they trust. As a copywriter you establish trust with the reader by:

1. Thoroughly understanding your reader’s needs.

2. Making the reader feel that you’re writing only to her and not to a mass of nameless faceless people.

Writing like you talk doesn’t mean that you break every rule of good grammar, although you will break the rules occasionally (like I have by starting a few sentences with the word “but”).

However, you’ll still be able to demonstrate your knowledge and professionalism without being stuffy and rigid. You just have to write like you are having a conversation with an actual person. But don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.


Krista Magidson is Chief Content Creator for Boutique Marketing Group.  Krista helps businesses generate equity in their company and brand through writing original and persuasive copy for their websites, newsletters, email campaigns and more.