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Top posts from 2018’s third quarter

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They’re a mix of practical tips on newsletters (#1), marketing (#2), spelling (#3), punctuation (#4), investment commentary (#5), writing (#6, #7, #8, #10), and PR (#9).

I’m only listing one Mistake Monday post, although more were among the most viewed, because one Mistake Monday post is much like the others. Check out my Mistake Monday posts if you’d like to improve your proofreading skills!

My posts that attracted the most views during 2018’s third quarter

  1. Do NOT send your newsletter via your email

  2. 4 tips for mutual fund fact sheet templates

  3. MISTAKE MONDAY for Jul.23: Can YOU spot what’s wrong?

  4. Why there’s no apostrophe in writers room

  5. Investment commentary—5 ways to outsource

  6. Writing and preventable mistakes
  7. George Orwell’s writing rules and financial writing

  8. I.e. versus e.g.—which is correct?

  9. Quit sending irrelevant press releases!

  10. Break it up!