Tweeps, share your Twitter name in your article bios

Twitter users, you may be missing out on valuable Twitter exposure.

The solution? Include your Twitter name in every article you publish online.

I would like to give you credit when I tweet your article that I find on Facebook or some other website. But when your Twitter name isn’t obvious–and isn’t provided by your “Share” widget–I may skip it. Or I may guess your name wrong, thus confusing your wannabe followers. By the way, if you’re a Twitter novice, a Twitter name–also known as a Twitter tag–is formatted like this: @susanweiner.

Sorry, but I’m busy. So it’s a choice between omitting your Twitter tag or not tweeting your article.

The bio accompanying your article is a good place to share your Twitter name.

Do as I say, not as I do?

Hmm, should I start including my Twitter tag in my blog post footers? Writing this post makes me wonder if I should feature @susanweiner, my Twitter name, more prominently on my blog. I’ve figured that my Twitter name is easy to figure out if you see my name. Maybe I’m too optimistic.

What do YOU think? Do you agree that it’s especially important to remind readers of your Twitter tag if it’s not a combination of your first and last name?