Ways to dream up topics for financial articles

Sometimes you run out of ideas for your financial writing or blogging. Maybe it’s time to brainstorm using approaches offered by freelance writer Susan Johnston in “50 Ways for Writers to Find Article Ideas.”

I’ve selected several ideas from her list of 50
“3. Think about seasonal topics like holidays or national awareness months.” The April 15 tax deadline is a classic hook for financial articles. But you can branch out. For example, Veteran’s Day could inspire an article about benefits for those in the military service.
“7. Take a local story and figure out how to make it relevant to a national audience.” The Madoff scandal may have affected only high net worth investors, but it has implications for everybody.
“24. Follow a forum to see what people are buzzing about.” For example, AARP’s Online Community or the personal finance and wealth management “Answers” section of LinkedIn.
“34. Fill in the blank: ’10 Secrets of _______,’ ‘8 Places to ____’ or ‘5 Ways to __________.’ ” This reminds me of the MadLibs game, but some candidates include “10 Secrets of Saving for Retirement, “Eight Places to Find a Bargain on Insurance,” and “Five Ways to Save for College.”
“46. Take a myth and turn it on its head.” For example, U.S. Treasuries are a safe investment.

Do you have tricks that you use to come up with fresh ideas? Please share them.