White papers: Great training for your ghost blogger

Busy financial advisors may seek ghost bloggers to write blog posts for them.

Photo: tomasrotger.com

As a ghost blogger for a registered investment advisor, I’ve stumbled on a great way for you to train your ghost blogger: Hire the writer to craft a white paper before she or he starts ghost-blogging.

Advantage: White paper immerses writer in your topic

White papers are usually rich in information. So one white paper provides the foundation for multiple blog posts.

I’m a big believer in recycling information, as I’ve said in “A top technique of financial advisors who blog successfully.” Your white paper readers may not even notice that you’re recycling, if your writer doesn’t simply cut-and-paste into your blog.

Another advantage: When I write a white paper, I learn about the client’s expertise, business, and how the client likes to interact with me. This means I can get up to speed quickly on the blog.

What to look for in your ghost blogger

Here are some factors to consider before you ask your white paper writer to become your ghost blogger.

1. Ability to generate blog post ideas

2. Compatibility with the way you like to work

3. Dependability

4. Mastery of a “voice” – a writing style and formality level that works for you and your audience

5. Understanding of your field

I put these five factors in alphabetical order. Your priorities may differ.

Warning for registered reps

If you’re a registered rep using a ghostwriter, you may need to disclose that. I discussed this in “Registered reps, it’s time to ‘fess up.”