Whoa, insurance = spam?

Insurance can get your email tagged as spam. I never would have guessed.

I saw the following message after I ran one of my e-newsletters through a spam checker.

It looks like there are some words in this email that might send your email to a Spam folder. To make sure your email is delivered successfully, we recommend going back to change or remove the following words: insurance.

Perhaps this happened because there are too many spammer pushing shady insurance schemes.

Fortunately one iffy word isn’t enough to keep your email out of most in-boxes. Look at your overall spam rating before you panic. If it’s low, like the typical rating on my e-newsletters, you should be okay. 

The “open” and “bounce” rates for my e-newsletter mentioning “insurance” were no worse than usual. However, “insurance” was the newsletter’s only element tagged as potential spam.

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