Women in investments: Career advice from seasoned pros

Making a career in investment management can challenge both women and men.

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Here are some tips I’ve heard recently.

On bosses, mentors, and sponsors

  • “Having a boss who throws you into the deep end of the pool is a good thing.”
  • Look for sponsors who’ll throw their weight behind you. They’re different from mentors who only give you advice.

Work–life balance

  • Outsource everything.
  • “I don’t cook. I don’t clean. I don’t iron.”
  • Find a good nanny. Don’t be upset if your children love them. Pay them well.
  • Give up stuff. You may need to narrow your life to only work and time with your family.
  • “Don’t be a guilty mom.” Guilty moms overindulge their kids.
  • Take a child – just one, if you have more than one – on a business trip. You’ll create a wonderful memory that’ll last for years.

Do you have career advice or an interesting story to share?

6 replies
  1. Gina N
    Gina N says:

    Where were you when I needed this advice 15 years ago when my children were little 😉 ?

    The outsourcing everything is a good one and would have helped me tremendously.

  2. Karen Witham
    Karen Witham says:

    Thank you for the reminder that there is no reason “guilt” and “working mom” should go together. My advice would be to never bypass an opportunity to help someone with their career or building their network. It’s a great feeling, and a reminder that in this economy none of us know when we might be the ones reaching out for help.

  3. Fredia Woolf
    Fredia Woolf says:

    I work with my clients (women in finance who are at a “make or break” point in their career, precisely because they are pulled in a thousand directions, and less effective at any of their jobs than they might be) on the equity concept we call “fairness to all”. We map out all stakeholders in their personal and professional life, including the most forgotten of all, self, and figure out must-have’s, nice-to-have’s, and trade-offs. This analytical process helps people to see the whole picture, to prioritize and focus their efforts and energy, and releases them to be their best at home and at work, because they are working smarter, not harder, delegating more, empowering others, and practicing “Leadership for Life”. The change I see in these women is remarkable as they demonstrate greater competence and confidence, and experience more control and well-being.

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