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Blog topics: Break the 3-S rule on your blog

This rule is made to be broken, I thought when I read about the “3-S rule” of Marella Agnelli, wife of Fiat’s Gianni Agnelli in “Marella & Me” in The New York Times Style Magazine (Sept. 28, 2014). According to Marella, you should never discuss in public the three Ss of sogni (dreams), salute (health), or soldi (money).

Discussing dreams is taboo? That surprised me. Regardless of your thoughts about the appropriateness of these topics for face-to-face chitchat with strangers, I think you’ll agree that they’re suitable for discussion with clients—and on your blog.

Here are some blog post ideas for financial advisors that relate to each of the three Ss.

Sogni, dreams

Everybody has dreams for what they’d like to achieve during their lives. If your blog can help people to identify or attain dreams, that’s powerful.

Here are some potential blog topics related to dreams:

  • How I achieved my dream—and you can, too
  • 4 ways to save enough money to travel to your dream destination
  • Identify your ideal occupation following these steps
  • The most powerful technique for creating an ideal retirement

Salute, health

Health is a serious concern for many clients. Even if they’re healthy now, they can expect to spend a big chunk of their retirement savings on health care costs. Here are some potential blog post topics related to health care:

  • How much will you spend on health care in retirement?
  • Estate planning techniques to help a family member with a chronic health condition
  • Why you need a health care proxy now
  • How much disability insurance do you need?

Soldi, money

Money is a big topic, so let’s focus on money taboos.

  • Why you should discuss money with your children
  • 3 reasons to cut your kids out of your will
  • Why you shouldn’t focus solely on saving for retirement
  • 3 great reasons to borrow from your 401(k) plan

Your topic ideas?

If you have great blog post ideas related to the three Ss, please share them.