Optimism watch: S&P 500 Index and major global events

If you have a long time horizon, you can survive just about anything. At least, that’s the implication of a graph I looked at today. Fidelity Investments is showing off a graph called “S&P 500 Index & Major Global Events” in “Putting Short-Term Market Turmoil in Perspective: U.S. stocks have proven resilient over the long […]

"Tired of having too much money at the end of the month?"

Sometimes you have to say something unexpected to grab your reader’s attention. Something like, “Tired of having too much money at the end of the month?” That’s a headline that snared me recently. Aren’t you usually concerned about the opposite problem, of having too little money at the end of the month? In Made to […]

What should you call your white paper?

“Should you always label a white paper with the term ‘white paper’?” Michael Stelzner asks this question on his Writing White Papers blog. My answer: it depends. When you say “white paper” to financial advisors, they probably know what you’re talking about. In fact, the term conjures up the image of a helpful tool. Say […]

"The Top Seven B2B Communications Mistakes"

“The Top Seven B2B Communications Mistakes” offers some useful advice for investment and wealth management marketers, whether you’re targeting businesses or individuals. For example: Your content should reflect your prospects’ top concerns. “Don’t sell. Inform.” When I review investment and wealth management firms’ content, I often find it focused on them, not on their clients. […]

"Never use a fancy word when a simple one will do"

That’s the bottom line of “Why Jargon Feeds on Lazy Minds” by Scott Berkun. Moreover, he warns, “Pay attention to who uses the most jargon: it’s never the brightest. It’s those who want to be perceived as the best and the brightest, something they know they are not.” Berkun offers a list of management jargon […]