Effective content marketing for financial technology companies

Life is harder for financial technology salespeople today. It’s not only the economy. It’s a change in how companies make decisions. They’re relying more on word-of-mouth and Internet research. As a result, buyers are waiting longer to speak with salespeople. Luckily for financial technology companies, Candyce Edelen of PropelGrowth has a thought leadership solution.

Edelen suggests tech companies write thought leadership pieces to reach potential clients before they’re ready to buy. This is essential now that more companies do online research prior to meeting with potential vendors.

Target content for each stage of the buying process, says Edelen in “Thought Leadership to Support the Entire Buying Cycle.”

The prospect’s stages include

1.  Awareness, where companies need to “understand and articulate their business pain…” and realize there are solutions.

2.  Research about solutions – “Now, your content should guide them into functionality that they should consider,” says Edelen.

3.  Evaluation of vendors and products – Set expectations about the functionality required in any solution.

4. Commitment – Provide content, such as case studies, that helps prospects manage their anxiety about the risks of buying.

You can download Edelen’s complete white paper for more details.

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