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Your communications with clients and prospects are essential to the success of your investment, wealth management, or financial planning firm.  Investment Writing Top Tips 2011 gives you information you can use to boost the effectiveness of your marketing, social media, and writing.

What people say

The Internet has unleashed a deluge of self-published investment commentary and analysis. But in her concise eBook, Susan provides solid tips investment writers can use today to break through the chatter and effectively reach their target audience.

–Bill Winterberg, CFP®,

Susan’s 2011 Investment Writing Top Tips is chock full of informative, easy-to-implement and very practical ideas that advisors (and others) can use right away. As sales and marketing professionals we are always looking for ways to stand out and increase visibility and I learned many new ideas from reading Susan’s tips that I did not know before. Her writing is so easy to follow and understand and the ideas are very good for any firm no matter the size or resource limitations. I strongly recommend this information if you are looking to stand out, to be a clearer communicator or to increase your visibility and marketing efforts with prospects and clients.

–Beverly Flaxington, The Collaborative

If you’re trying to promote your firm or yourself through social media, this is a great resource. I like this so much I sent it to my management team. Susan provides some great ideas that anyone can implement. I learned several, as well as some great resources to take advantage of.

–David Spaulding, The Spaulding Group

There’s no shortage of investment content on the Web. But Susan Weiner’s focus on the creation and continuous improvement of investment writing is unparalleled. What’s more, she comments in real-time, both on her blog and in her participation in social networks. This collection is a treasure trove of the best of Susan’s best—a must-read for investment professionals who care about clear, effective communications.

–Pat Allen, Rock The Boat Marketing, AdvisorTweets

In the age of social media, being able to convey your insights through words is essential to building influence. If you want to learn to become a better writer, there are some wonderful nuggets of writing wisdom in Susan’s report! I highly recommend that you sign up for one of her investment writing classes. No doubt you will become a better writer!

–Stephanie Sammons, Wired Advisor

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