Grab readers with an anecdotal lead

Starting your article or blog post with with a real-life story can draw in readers who’d otherwise ignore you. 

“The anecdotal approach, by framing [your topic] in personal terms, becomes instantly accessible and—more important—readable,” as Mark Ragan says in “How to write an anecdotal lead.”

To write good anecdotal leads, Ragan suggests that you 
1. Find some good stories.
2. Write your explanation of what the story is about before you write out the story. This will help you to pick the right story and focus it.
3. Start your article with a short anecdote, followed by a colorful quote, and then your explanation of the story’s main points. After that, you can dive into the body of your story.

Have you seen any examples of financial advisors making good use of anecdotal leads? I’d like to see them.