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Poll: How should advisors use ready-to-use content?

Limited time and budgets mean that some financial advisors buy ready-to-use content for their websites or blogs. Sure, it’s not ideal, but obtaining articles and other content from the providers I’ve listed in “Ready-to-use content for financial advisors” may be right for you.

If the provider allows it, you can get more mileage out of that content by customizing it. You could do something as simple as writing one sentence saying why you think the content’s topic is important. Or you can do something more elaborate.

Two quick questions for you

Please answer the two-question survey to help me understand what you think about “How should advisors use ready-to-use content?”

Also, feel free to share your suggestions as comments below.


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4 replies
  1. Wendy J. Cook
    Wendy J. Cook says:

    Hi, Susan: Thanks for listing me among your ready-to-use content providers! I like to think of the shared content I provide as a way for like-minded advisors to more efficiently generate a larger portfolio of solid communications. Taken as a whole and properly constructed, a firm’s communications should still reflect its overall personality. Whether working with custom, turnkey or a combination of content, the best place to begin is with a thorough, preferably documented understanding of your firm’s precise goals and your particular client’s needs. If you let that understanding drive any and all content you provide, even turnkey content can be applied effectively. For example, by adding a custom illustration, link or related resource that will have particular meaning to your client niche, you can efficiently produce something of real value to your clients without having to boot-strap your efforts from that scary blank page. Win-win.

  2. Christine Luc
    Christine Luc says:

    Hi Susan!

    Thanks for including AdvisorDeck in your list of content providers! “Canned content” can help round out an advisor’s existing unique content as a hyperlink to helpful background information for readers. Advisors can write a new post to provide their unique perspective on a particular financial service and pair that with a link to a piece of canned content to fully flesh out information for that service. This can be an article, financial calculator, quiz or other piece of canned content.

    We agree with the example that Wendy Cook provided in using a mix of canned content and unique content as a marketing strategy, whether it’s for a particular post or overall. With regards to the AdvisorDeck Marketplace, we’re working to develop partnerships with content providers to provide more options to advisors.

  3. Susan Weiner, CFA
    Susan Weiner, CFA says:

    Thank you for adding your perspective! I like the idea of pairing the canned content with content prepared by the advisor.

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