How I managed my presentation-writing anxiety

I freak out every time I have to write a new presentation. Well, not literally, but my anxiety does run wild. However, I managed to tame my most recent jitters with an exercise from life coach Cheryl Richardson.

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In “Break the Spell,” Richardson says,

“The minute you start worrying about something, stop and congratulate yourself for being so present and aware. Then, put pen to paper and list at least five positive outcomes you’d most like to have happen. Keep repeating these present-focused, positive statements throughout the day and notice how the energy starts to shift.”

Here are my five positive outcomes:

  1. The presentation is well-organized.
  2. Each member of the audience learns something that helps them write better.
  3. I come up with new ways of explaining things to people.
  4. My email list expands.
  5. My presentation helps me land new clients.

This exercise calmed my nerves enough that I could focus on writing my presentation. I hope it helps you, too.

If YOU have a good way to control presentation-related anxiety, I’d love to learn your tips.

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  1. Lisa S.
    Lisa S. says:

    Susan, thanks for sharing your 5 positive outcomes! It seems a great, simple tool to focus our energy on the task at hand. (Note: I wasn’t able to link to Ms. Richardson’s content from that link.)

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