Leverage third-party endorsements

“Leverage third-party endorsements for maximum exposure.” 

This line from “Survive and Thrive in Today’s Volatile Market” by Peter Hammond, EVP, UMB Fund Services, got me thinking about financial advisors who get quoted by reporters, but fail to let their clients, prospects, and referral sources about it. After all, getting quoted is a kind of third-party endorsement.

If you get quoted, share the good news. Put it up on your website, mention it in letters and conversations, and share reprints. 

Some caveats:
* Make sure your communication is compliance-approved.
* Don’t photocopy or scan an article without the publication’s permission. You’re infringing on their copyright. It IS okay to share a short excerpt or to link to the article on the publication’s website.
* If you buy professional reprints, make sure they’re typo-free and well-formatted. You can’t always count on them to catch errors.
* Don’t share if you’re not proud of the way you were presented.