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Top five posts from the third quarter of 2013

In case you missed them, here are top five posts from the Investment Writing blog during the third quarter of 2013.

  1. How I gained 5,000 Twitter followers in 4 years
  2. The Future of Marketing is a Newsroom Mentality ←guest post
  3. Quantitative easing for regular folks: 3 lessons from The New York Times
  4. Rethinking the traditional content process ← guest post
  5. Dear husband, please stop

Guest posts focused on asset management marketing stand out, occupying the number two and number four spots. Thanks go to Jesse Mark of Ignites Distribution Research for his newsroom mentality post and John Refford, marketing technology blogger, for his post about content development.

I found an interesting pattern. One of my personal stories has made the top five list every quarter since I started it in April 2013. “Dear husband, please stop,” is this quarter’s winner. This reinforces my feeling that personal stories can be powerful. I’m lucky my husband doesn’t object to my blogging about him.