Reader challenge: Rewrite this sentence to make it more powerful

Are you up for a challenge? Try rewriting the following sentence to make it more powerful.

Our firm has managed money for wealthy investors for 33 years.

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  1. Stephen Campisi
    Stephen Campisi says:

    For over a generation we have helped our clients grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

  2. Dean
    Dean says:

    The firm has carefully managed the wealth for a select number of affluent families for over three decades.

  3. Ulrich
    Ulrich says:

    Independent of previous posts (I hadn’t looked at them) I came up with these two lines:

    – 33 years of managing wealth for investors.
    – Investors have trusted us to manage their wealth since 1978.

    The first is not a sentence, more of a claim. Both cut redundancy (money/wealthy) and emphasise the customer rather than the firm. Very much in line with Charles’s suggestion. I also agree with Jude and Steven that it’s good to say why clients use the firm’s services, e.g. develop and retain wealth, to be free from day-to-day managment hassle …

  4. Margaret Patterson
    Margaret Patterson says:

    For 33 years, wealthy investors and their families have trusted [name of firm] to manage their assets and help them make important financial decisions.

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