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Top posts from the first quarter of 2014

Did you miss something? Below you’ll find a list of my most popular blog posts from last quarter, as measured by Google Analytics.

Since I wrote “Your call-to-action choice makes a difference” I’ve tinkered with the call to action on my blog, moving my newsletter CTA box back to the upper right-hand corner of my website. I think the move has helped, but the results aren’t conclusive.


  1. Email lessons adapted from Hootsuite’s CEO
  2. Your call-to-action choice makes a difference
  3. Tackling Vitriol in Your Digital Spaces <–Guest post by Blane Warrene
  4. 5 Secrets to Finding the Best Virtual Assistant to Streamline Your Financial Advisor Blog <–Guest post by Kathy Goughenor
  5. Don’t sabotage your website’s news page