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Top posts from the fourth quarter of 2014

Check out my top posts from the last quarter!

They’re a mix of practical tips on investment commentary (#1 and 2), white papers (#3 and 7),  writing (#4, 6, and 10), and marketing (#8). One of the posts features insights from a guest expert, Dave Grant (#5). All of my 2014 guest bloggers appear in #9.

I put a lot of thought into #1. I’m glad to see that my readers found it helpful.

  1. Writing sensitively about tragedy in your investment commentary or blog
  2. Famous quotes make your commentary memorable
  3. 4 reasons you shouldn’t write a white paper
  4. Free help for wordy writers!
  5. How and Why to Use Sliding Pop-ups ←guest post by @DaveGrant82
  6. Financial website writers, match headlines to content or lose readers
  7. E-book or white paper: which is better?
  8. Boost your newsletter list’s power with this tip
  9. Guest bloggers: 2014 in review
  10. Blog topics: Break the 3-S rule on your blog