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Top posts from the first quarter of 2016

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Everybody struggles with jargon. Perhaps that’s what put my financial jargon killer in the top spot.

They’re a mix of practical tips on writing (#1, 3), social media (#2),  blogging (#2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9), book marketing (#5), and webinars (#10).

  1. Financial jargon killer: The Wall Street Journal
  2. My experiment blogging on LinkedIn
  3. Improve your financial writing with these rules—the strong performance by this post surprised me
  4. What’s too long for a blog post?—one of the longest blog posts I’ve ever written is the #2 post on my first-quarter top posts list, supporting the idea that long posts do well, but my #1 post has only 741 words
  5. Selling PDF e-books online: Tips from my E-junkie experience
  6. Financial blogging tip: Opinion + summary
  7. Blog post template: Write about a talk
  8. Financial blogging lessons from my spinning class
  9. Financial content: Ask questions of your readers
  10. Mistakes to avoid in your first live webinar

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