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My post on “My five favorite reference books for writers” sparked many suggestions for additional useful resources for writers.

Suggestions arrived via my blog, social media, and email. I am grateful for every suggestion.

For example, Julie Fordyce said, “In your reference book section, I’d add the New York Times Style Guide, Fowler’s Modern English Usage (even if it is British) and Theodore Bernstein’s The Careful Writer.”

You’ll find a list of books, with links to their descriptions on, below.

Thank you, contributors! I wish I could acknowledge every contributor by name, but even compiling the list of titles was daunting.


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I hope to work my way through the books you’ve suggested.

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  1. Meryl K Evans
    Meryl K Evans says:

    The Flip Dictionary is awesome for those tip on your tongue words. It’s saved me from going insane when I couldn’t think of a word. It’s not quite like a Thesaurus.

  2. Susan Weiner CFA
    Susan Weiner CFA says:

    Thank you, Robyn!

    Here’s another suggestion in a tweet from a friend who’s a financial advisor:
    unrelated to finance but good 4 structuring concepts & focus on the reader/viewer is Syd Field’s “How to Write a Screenplay”

  3. Karen L. Roach
    Karen L. Roach says:

    Wonderful post, Susan. I would hate to admit how many of the texts listed are ones that I’ve read and are on my shelves. To your list I would recommend following 3 texts: American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed.; SEND by Shipley & Schwalbe (on emails); and “Content Rules” by Handley & Chapman (on various social media texts)

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