10-minute boosts for your financial content marketing

Financial content marketing helps you to attract new clients by boosting your visibility and showing that you can solve their problems. Great financial content takes time to create. But you don’t always have big chunks of time to devote to your content strategy, writing, editing, and promotion. Don’t despair! You can give your content a […]

sending press releases

Quit sending press releases as attachments!

Is your goal to get your press releases deleted from the recipients’ email inboxes as quickly as possible? Then continue sending press releases as attachments to your emails. Oh, and here’s another helpful tip: don’t hint at the content of your press release in the body of your email. The body of your email should […]

Top posts on InvestmentWriting.com

Top posts from 2016’s fourth quarter

Check out my top posts from the last quarter! They’re a mix of practical tips on marketing (#1, 7, 8, 10), blogging (#2), writing (#3, 5, 6, 9), investment commentary (#4, 6), and newsletters (#7). Good tips. Repurpose content! “Get more mileage out of your financial webinar or podcast” https://t.co/ExHEQN8e2V via @susanweiner — MichaelKitces (@MichaelKitces) […]

don't use "words to avoid" with regular folks

Words to avoid in your investment communications with regular folks

Big words make your readers work harder to grasp your message. This is particularly true of jargon, such as “duration,” unless your piece is strictly for investment professionals. Below are some words to avoid when communicating with regular folks. Most of them are financial jargon. Others—like “mitigate“—are unnecessarily long or confusing. Replace jargon and long […]

20 ways to organize a story

Looking for fresh approaches to your articles or blog posts? Check out this guest post by writer Kate Harold. 20 Ways to Organize a Story By Kate Harold When you write story after story like I do, you run the risk of getting stuck in a rut – where your stories can start to feel […]