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6 ways financial advisors can differentiate themselves

It’s difficult for financial advisors to differentiate themselves. Whether you’re a financial planner, wealth manager, or investment advisor, what you offer has a lot in common with your peers’ offerings. Saying that your service and offerings are exceptional won’t convince prospects of that fact. Advantages that might have set you apart 10 years ago, no […]

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Top posts from the second quarter of 2016

Check out my top posts from the last quarter! They’re a mix of practical tips on investment commentary (#1, 2, 4), white papers (#5), writing (#8), blogging (#6), marketing (#3, 7), social media (#9), and email (#10). Who are the fixed-income commentary winners–and why?—I’d like to send a big “thank you” to all of the […]

stop being happy

Stop being happy–and win more readers

Does the following sentence inspire you to dig into the writer’s newsletter? The XYZ Financial team and I are happy to bring you this month’s newsletter. It doesn’t inspire me. I doubt it inspires you. However, I often see financial professionals start their emails, letters, and newsletters with similar sentences. If they’re not “happy,” they’re […]

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“Deep Work” rules to help you write more

Many people struggle to write as much as they’d like. This is especially true if the writing isn’t a core part of your job. I found some rules that may help you when I read Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport. What is “deep work”? Here’s how the […]

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Do I need to use the (r) mark with my CFP designation?

“Do I need to use the ® mark with my CFP designation”? This question spurred me to do some research on whether one must always write “CFP®.” When I was active as a reporter, I never used the ® mark. In fact, I rarely included an interviewee’s CFP designation because space was tight. Upon doing […]